By: Dato’ Haji Mohd Som Sulaiman, Deputy President of APSA Malaysia

With the current global threats from international terrorists and notorious and dangerous criminals armed with sophisticated weapons, the private security industry requires a more advanced and sophisticated security system for the protection of lives and property of their clients. The deployment of purely manpower without electronic system or electronic system without qualified manpower is far from satisfactory to provide a safe and secure working environment to fulfill the total security needs of our clients.

In Malaysia, the threats to commercial and industrial establishments from notorious and well-armed criminals are real. We have seen daring broad daylight raids on goldsmith outlets, banks, warehouse, truck hijackers and private residences. Of late we experienced cases of kidnapping of women from shopping complexes and subsequently raped, murdered and victims burned to rid off evidence. So are the threats to foreign representations and multinational companies and corporations who are targets of international terrorists with weapons of mass destruction.

Effective Protection System

The demand for a more sophisticated and effective security protection system is loud and clear. There is the dire need to spearhead change in the private security industry through the integration of technology and trained manpower. The system must have the capabilities to monitor, detect, verify and provide immediate reasponse action (IRA). To cater for these security requirements, there must be total surveillance and early warning systems combined with efficient telecommunication tools and professionally trained security officers who are capable to react to any security situation.

Electronic Surveillance System

An efficient parameter surveillance system with electronic cameras and CCTV and alarm is the first line of defense. The electronic security parameter fencing comprising of brick wall with concertina wire or chain-link fence with electronic sensors for motion and weight detection, electronic lighting, laser beam or siren. The main gate should be electronically operated with strong boom bar and tyre bursting spikes to prevent ramming into the compound.

Access Control System

For access control, there are several types of smart card technology to choose from. As a security added system we can use the biometrics of fingerprint, eye retina scan or imaging plus personal identification number (pin). The smart card technology can accommodate attendance data of employees, car park access as well as lift access systems.

Electronic Cameras

Electronic surveillance will be more effective with the use of colour electronic cameras with capabilities of automatic zooming, 360-degree rotation, movement detection, infra-red recording under darkness and alarm. The system should use the Hard-disc Digital Video Recorder (HDVR).

Electronic Alarm System

The electronic alarm system should have capabilities to detect movements, heat, smoke, and weight and to trigger siren and lighting. Security Officers are to be provided with mobile panic button devices to trigger alarm during an emergency situation, which will be monitored by the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). The CMS should then dispatch an armed response team (ART) and/or request for Police back up support.

Security Guarding Management System

All security systems will only be effective with an efficient security guarding management system. Well-trained security officers who are able to monitor, detect any breach of security, verify and to provide an immediate response action should man the Command Control Centre (CCC). The computer base system will rid off paper work at the guardhouse or security counter. The is no longer any need to use of Log Books, Visitors Register, Patrol Report Books, etc. as the system can be LAN enabled. It will provide an efficient monitoring of Security Officers duties and patrolling performances.

Skilled Staff

Clients demand professional security services and the industry needs to engage personnel to be trained as qualified security officers and literate in information & communication technology (ICT). They should also be provided with hands-on training on operating electronic devices, CCTV, alarm system and scanning machines. They should be able to identify weapons, firearms, explosive devices through 3D x-ray and scanning machines.

Smart Security Protection System

With this smart security protection system, the integration of technology and skilled manpower, there shall be less manpower needed and thus less human problems. The industry will be able to improve the knowledge on security management and apply to protect live and property the workplace, home and traveling. ICT skilled personnel will be better paid and capable of providing efficient and effective security protection to the clients. Though the cost may be slightly higher, but the services provided will be value for money and provides a smart partnership with the clients.