K. Security in Malaysia

By: Bahadon Baharom, Group Security Manager of IGB Corporation Bhd


In any job function there must be specific methods or procedures adopted to ensure effectiveness and productivity, as well as quality. To get an overall success we require commitment and participation by all employees. We must be prepared to cultivate work culture and understanding on latest issues. This is to provide maximum output with minimum capabilities. In any Corporate Organisation SECURITY is one of the main Department that need modification towards present need and challenges.

MALAYSIA is well ahead in its development towards NATION BUILDING. Our MALAYSIA PLAN ie. (NEP – New Economic Policy) Economic Prospers is already half way through. Thank to our beloved Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Being our role model as one of the recognized world leaders, he forsee Future Development in Malaysia. It is through his wisdom and analysis that he formulate VISION 2020 with the purpose of creating knowledge citizens and progressive . Through his effort, we implement policies on K. Economy, ICT and last but not least from the support of the players it selves – The K. WORKERS. Perhaps with this policy now is already in progress and will be having better Malaysian in term of Information and Development. There is nothing more important than providing a positive image on knowledge and constitutes the justification of our existence. This has proven valuable in reducing operational liability, risk exposure and in recognising and identifying developing trends before they escalate into more serious problems. Now our government promote K3P Program (an education system to encourage people to read, listen and observe). This is the only way to instill knowledge indirectly at all level within the community. SECURITY is one of the parties involved in upgrading knowledge.

Perhaps conscientious training of Security Personnel is the single most critical factor which effect the success of SECURITY OPERATION. It is through training that we maintained commitment and continuing education of all Security staff, Personal and Supervisory Representative.

Our philosophy of service is based on strategic self interest and business prospers. One must agree that the most successful department is the ones that have delivered outstanding result, driven by simple mural imperative to provide quality service. With good quality and performance, the immediate result is that you loose one thing which you can’t afford to loose ie. CREDIBILITY , but we must accept REALITY.

As the saying goes “KNOWLEDGE IS THE ULTIMATE WEAPON TO SUCCESS” the Malaysian authorities maintained a commitment through training to the continuing of all our security staff. Our standard format of training has proven valuable on the expectation of SECURITY OPERATION and MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in globalization.

Whatever perception we are changing we still have to strive on our security MOTTOS :-

1)   To Protect
2)   To Serve
3)   To Preserve
4)   To Prevent

Through our job function principles and strategies in line with economic development of the world, it is emotionally interactive primer for personal and professional success. For change of qualities in LIFE, we also have to change our attitude. In considering K. SECURITY we have to stretch for the highest level of creativity, leadership and humanitarian. This is when the following qualities have to be upgrade and check :-

a)   IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
b)   EQ (Emotional Quotient)
c)   SQ (Spiritual Quotient and Ritual Quotient) and
d)   KQ (Knowledge Quality)

The definition of “INTELLIGENT” is distinguished for intelligence of an active mind or discerning or endowed with intellect.

In the psychological stand point it is the study of the mind and its processes. During a forum in a Local University sometime ago it was discussed as how to identify persons with High IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

It has been stated that a person with High IQ are being bestowed with a gift from the creator on the other hand it can be cultivated through training the mind to be intellect. It has been also mentioned that a person with High IQ has a special potential to be highly successful and are respected in society. People look up to them for advice. But then again  intelligence can be utilized in many ways. It could be for good or evil.

We have heard of great inventors ie. Thomas Edison who invented light bulbs, Alexandra Grahambell invention of telephone. This mentioned few have put their intelligence to good use and for the betterment of mankind.

In our local context we have hardcore criminal who were very intelligent ie. Botak Chin, Bentong Kali, Mat commando to name a few. These people are highly intelligent but made use of their intelligence in a wrong full way which lead to their downfall.

Daniel Coleman, who is the author of a book on Emotional Intelligence states that with IQ alone a person is not a complete person. We have to have Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Spiritual Quotient (SQ).

In order to be guided to being intelligent.

For many years, we have been led to believe that a person’s intellectual intelligence (measured as IQ, or intelligence quotient) is the greatest predictor of success. Society assumes that people with high IQs will naturally accomplish more in life. School often uses IQ test results to choose children for gifted programs and advanced placement courses. Some companies even use the results as a criterion for hiring employees.

We have been conditioned to judge intelligence with these numbers. In the past 10 years, however, researchers have found that this isn’t necessarily the case that in actuality, a person’s emotional intelligence (EQ) might be a greater predictor of success than his or her IQ.

Until very recently a lot of emphasis was given to the role of LOGICAL THINKING, ability to learn efficiently, and memorize the material in determining the conventional Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Pundits and scholars of management and human behavior ignored the importance of emotions and the ability (intelligence) of handling the emotions in day-to-day life situations. Such a concept Emotional intelligence was highlighted by Daniel Goleman in the book published during 1995. The concept of Emotional Quotient (EQ) is simply the index of emotional intelligence that one has.

But What is Emotion? The term emotion has been derived from the Latin ‘emover’, which may be translated to move, to excite or to agitate. Today, the term emotion is used as an umbrella to any subjective experience. You use the term to express love, hate, attraction, aggression perception, or any other such powerful feeling and pattern. Most of the affairs of everyday life are tinged with feeling and emotion. Sorrow and joy, disappointment and love, dismay and hope– are the feelings we experience in the course of day or week. Without such feelings our life would be quite plain and dull. We remember with warm glow the pleasant moments we lived; we anticipate with pleasure our parties and dates. On the other hand when our emotions are so intense or out of our control (and too easily aroused), they can get us in frequent trouble. Emotions may also wrap our judgment, turn friends into enemies and make us miserable, as we were sick emotionally.

No matter how good and sharp you are in learning a particular subject and how well and efficiently you solve the problems (or make correct decisions) unless you have optimum control over your emotions (measured and indexed in terms of EQ), you will not be able to achieve the best possible results.

Some of us frequently face such a situation while you are involved in your studies facing the examinations. You may have good memory, deep understanding of the subject and despite your having spend good amount of time in the studies, you fail to recall a formula, some text or an equation– just because of your mind overflowing with unwanted emotions and tensions that your general intelligence is unable to handle. You need to have higher EQ also in order to be absolutely successful at the given task. You ought to be self managed development in controlling your emotions in such a way (improve your EQ) so that your emotions do not cloud your basic general intelligence (i.e., IQ). Some people score very high on general intelligence test (e.g., 150 IQ) and yet they fail to receive the fruits in terms of success in their life. It may be simply because they lack certain kind of emotional maturity that is detrimental to their overall performance. True intelligence may be thought of as a combination of both EQ and IQ.

Some psychologists have also referred EQ as true intelligence. It may also be seen as ‘healthy development’ of one’s emotional intelligence. If one were born with high level of innate EL (effective learning), and grew up in a family which provides high EQ (in its environment), it is likely to do very well on an EI test as well as in his overall life. In other words it is the heredity and environment both that contribute towards overall True Intelligence of a person. You may also IMPROVE YOUR EQ by certain simple techniques far as the environmental contribution or role may be positively enhanced towards its development in Psychodrama and Sociodrama.

So friends, remember, it is not simply your abilities related to high IQ but also your abilities related to EQ that determines your overall success in any field. In fact it is the combination of

IQ and EQ that makes you successful in various activities of general life including your examinations and your work at job. It is not surprising, therefore, that many big companies and organizations are exposing their employees to different training programs that are essentially experiential in nature and claim to be helpful in improving the EQ of the participants. Such training programs are designed to improve the understanding of emotions, creating better insight in their participants to be able to deal more efficiently with day-to-day emotional situations at the job and in other social life situations are being sold for over millions of dollars through out the world and specially aimed at white collar jobs.

You may also improve your EQ by becoming more practical in your life and especially in your social relations. Keep on reminding yourself that you have higher goals to achieve and “no one can make you unhappy without your own consent”. Avoid irrelevant information that is not useful in achieving your goal– simply ignore it. Relaxation and Meditation may also prove to be useful to you. And over and above the conviction and meaningfulness of you’re desired goal will always help you to use your emotions in a fruitful way. Remember the world and the relations are temporary and ever changing don’t let them overtake your vision and logic are linked to your higher goals. You will be more successful and happy than before.


The world is now looking at ways to narrow the cultural, political and economical differences among countries through globalization.

However, the common tool used in communication globally the spiritual proficiency is not used though –out the world. Most countries around the world today, are trying their best to train their citizen, as they are going to be the future leaders of country.

Teaching spiritual is an intricate process as there must be an effective method to do it.

Our culture and religion has spiritual educated many people in the country as well as countries that are struggling with spiritual and those that have a fist native culture and religion as a secondary one.

Malaysian society understands the issue. The programme is designed to help belief effectively.

The SQ method of undertaking was a noble approach towards SQ/RQ educator since our current societies in this country are rich in values.

On the other hand, our culture and religion divides the leaning of SQ/RQ into several levels, which makes it easier for leaning.

SQ is already making people in Malaysia to be taught for Malaysian workers to modify their attitude.

On future plans are to tell people that SQ/RQ is a better way for their people to be better citizen complained to other courses in the market. We are confident that SQ/RQ concept once they realized, how effective it can be.

SQ/RQ main forces are simplicity and creativity. We have obviously to put a lot of effort into developing Quality.

Standing as a portal in modernity and culture diversity with a strong adjustment to our SQ and RQ, we will break breach from tradition as they were articulate, competitive, entrepreneurial and promo to inter-ethnic on intervention.

With our Malaysian population of multiracial and religion, its adoptions of legends, myths, belief whether from Oriental, East and Western opus’s and RQ play a vital role in introducing modification and practice which will ensure it does not fade into obscurity in traditional norms.

Whatever events, happening or activities surroundings us are knowledgeable, may it be Political, Social, Technologies, Science, Health, Cultural, Religion, Behavioural. The only different is that it’s changing the pattern and system according to time and progress. Knowledge is the most important COMMODITY in LIFE. It has a wide variety and rather global subject matter. Through multiple knowledge we can be selective to increase PRODUCTIVITY, RELIABILITY, LONGEVITY, ABILITY and CREATIVITY to success.  By collecting,  using and enlarging it is a constant challenge for employees towards  the 21st Century.

Knowledge is a skill to gather information about future objective in development and progress. It is a self-assessment of skill or competences. The most common method of improving knowledge is through ACTIVE LEARNING. It is a MULTIFACETED ENTERPRISE and DIVERSIFIED social culture. With our gifted six senses human being are able to experience everything. We only need to develop a plan to begin conditioning our METABOLISM to use and produce them healthily. What one need to do is to determine and apply the knowledge that we have on which one is more important to us and will help us to be much effective in making decision consistent with what will give us success. Besides all that endless variety of ideas or object of knowledge, there is like wise something which we knows or perceives them and exercise divers operation as willing, imagining, remembering about them.

This perceiving, active is what we called the MIND, SPRIT, SOUL or SELF PERCEPTION.

Our present government is of opinion that knowing ENGLISH could bring positive result towards BETTER MALAYSIA. Most of knowledge and information are written in English. In learning we apply LOOK WEST POLICY.

Part of new dimension of Life for Malaysian is to look for ideas and methods on TECHNOLOGIES. This is done because we formed the multimedia super corridor approach and built CYBER CITY. Just look at the invention of communication nowadays. Through ICT ( Information, Communication, Technologies ) we are transforming from AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY to INDUSTRIAL now. When competing for success in this Industry one has to be mastering knowledge on science. Hopefully through this VISION we would progress in our future ECONOMY better than other developing countries.

In terms of the working attitude, our Government apply the LOOK EAST POLICY (learning from Japan and Korea – by being a workaholic).

The Dynamic of success for professional and personal development is to improve and update ourselves on KNOWLEDGE with our future ability to “helicopter vision” and manufacture their imagination. The Malaysians are moving from intellectual to specialist to generalist. We can foresee nowadays Malaysia is going through Exceptional progress and people skill. With the present, KQ we have the ability to cope with change and complexity.

If the US Navy is proud of their elite group “THE SEAL”, The British Army with the “SAS”, The American ZEBRA FORCE, They Royal Malaysian Police with their VAT 69, Security in Malaysia can also be one of the Elite Group which I shall code named The “EEL”. EEL represent – Effective, Efficient and Laudable. To be as one of the Elite Team, is part of our Malaysian SECURITY PROJECT LINK Vision. By mastering knowledge we are able to change for a better set of values.

Come 2020, Malaysian Security will be at par or much better off amongst developing nation in SECURITY INDUSTRY. Looking at the History of Malaysian Security we should be more progressive than others at the speed of progress. I would like to thanks APSA and fellow Malaysian Security Practitioners for their kind support and giving me the opportunity to write this article and hopefully would provide Synergetic benefits to the organisation.