12th APSA International Conference

The Indian Chapter of Asian Professional Security Association (APSA) hosted the 12th APSA International Annual Conference at New Delhi, India, from 10-11 February 2005.

The two-day conference had witnessed the convergence of organizations, professionals & practitioners and experts specializing in security and safety related issues. Here, distinguished speakers from India, Australia, UK, USA and Switzerland shared their experiences with participants on a vast range of topics such as Emergency Response and Business Continuity Planning Detection of Explosives, Crisis Management, Key to handling Man Made Disasters and etc.

The product workshops by Reliance Infocomm, Fast Video Security AG (Switzerland), International SOS, Dolphin Electromagnetic Technology & Peregrine Security added value by providing practical insights to the intricacies of security technology. Delegates included state police chiefs, Officials from Ministry of Home Affairs, corporate security heads, bank security chiefs, security practitioners from the Asia region, as well as from a dozen other countries, including the United Nations.

The general feedback from the delegates indicated a high level of satisfaction. Kudos to APSA–India Chapter for the grand success of their conference.

Dato’ Hj Rahmat Ismail delivering his speech during the Opening Ceremony

Lamp lighting to mark the Opening Ceremony by Dato’ Hj Rahmat Ismail

Mr G B Singh and Dato’ Hj Rahmat Ismail in a discussion during interval