11th APSA Conference – Hong Kong

APSA Hong Kong Chapter successfully hosted the 11th APSA International Annual Conference at Harbour Plaza Hotel Hong Kong, from 18-19 November 2004. The conference with its theme “Competing Wise – Steering Fusion of Security Management & Technology” had captivated the attention of delegates from the Asian and South-East Asia regions, as well as from United Kingdom and USA.

A total of 20 delegations from Malaysia, comprising of representatives from the Malaysian Government i.e. Ministry of Internal Security, Chief Government Security Office-Prime Minister’s Department and private organisations attended the said event.

The conference was very well received by delegates as it lined up a very comprehensive programme, which covered major aspects of security and safety, which reflected the current trends influencing the security and safety industry. The 11th APSA Executive Council Meeting was chaired by Dato’ Haji Rahmat Ismail, President of APSA International Headquarters and comprised of representatives from APSA Country-Chapters. APSA was privileged to have representatives from Japan, present as observers.

APSA Country Chapters’ representatives presented their annual report of activities and APSA India made announcement of its bid to host the 12th APSA Conference in year 2005. For further information on the 12th APSA Conference, visit APSA India website at www.apsa-india.org

Delegates at the Opening Ceremony

Dato' Rahmat Ismail, Mr. Sihong Dai (middle) and Mr. Joseph Tang with APSA China Chapters delegates