By: Dato’ Haji Mohd Som Sulaiman, Deputy President of APSA Malaysia

With the current global threats from international terrorists and notorious and dangerous criminals armed with sophisticated weapons, the private security industry requires a more advanced and sophisticated security system for the protection of lives and property of their clients.

Situational Crime Prevention

By: Lim Cheng Leong Wilson, MSc

Crime appears to be a commonplace as it is rudimentary that grave offense against morality or social order may occur any time and at any place; and without warning most of the time

K. Security in Malaysia

By: Bahadon Baharom, Group Security Manager of IGB Corporation Bhd INTRODUCTION In any job function there must be specific methods or procedures adopted to ensure effectiveness and productivity, as well as quality. To get an overall success we require commitment and participation by all employees. We must be prepared to cultivate work culture and understanding …