Asian Professional Security Association (APSA) is an organisation uniting security associations in Asia. After the establishment of APSA Thailand, the parent body in Bangkok in 1994, APSA has established chapters in India, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

APSA, with members from nine countries, is the largest Asian organisation for security professionals and plays a leading and influencing role in the advancement of professionalism within the security industry in the region. APSA captivates an ever-increasing enthusiasm through remarkable achievements, thanks to the dedication, unity and co-operation of its country chapters.

The primary objective of APSA is to make APSA a centre for exchange of information, expertise and technology in the promotion of professionalism and attainment of excellence in the security industry in the Asian region. APSA always takes into account the importance of enhancing the opportunities for training and developments among its members to raise the standards and public perception of the security profession. In this direction, APSA Country Chapters have embarked on a number of developmental programs in accentuating knowledge and professionalism such as APSA Annual Conferences and locally, conferences, seminars, dialogues and tea-talks and study/working visits. APSA also works closely with the local Government and other security organisations to ensure that the views and concerns of its members are taken into account in the drawing up of standards and legislation, and in their subsequent amendments and clarification.

Currently APSA International Headquarters is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The objectives of the Association are to make APSA the centre for

  • International members in the promotion of Industrial Security;
  • Communication aimed at establishing goodwill, unity and mutual understanding;
  • Exchange of information, expertise and technology in the promotion of professionalism in Industrial Security;
  • A conduit for each member-Government in the promotion of peace, co-operation and international stability.

APSA Conference is the major annual event of APSA hosted each year by rotation by its country chapters. APSA Conference is a distinguish gathering of international experts as security professionals from all over the world come together to share experiences, exchange views, formulate strategies and interact with peers from all around the world.

The 10th APSA Conference 2003 will be hosted by APSA Philippines Chapter from 4 to 5 September at Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Manila, Philippines.

The preceding and forthcoming APSA Conferences are as follow:

1st APSA Conference Bangkok, Thailand
1995 2nd APSA Conference Seoul, South Korea
1996 3rd APSA Conference Bangkok, Thailand
1997 4th APSA Conference Manila, Philippines
1998 5th APSA Conference Penang, Malaysia
1999 6th APSA Conference New Delhi, India
2000 World Security Congress Bangkok, Thailand
2001 8th APSA Conference Beijing, China
2002 9th APSA Conference Singapore
2003 10th APSA Conference Manila, Philippines
2004 11th APSA Conference Hong Kong